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What Will I Get From a Human Design Reading?

What is Human Design?

Human Design is an Aquarian age science that is akin to the owner’s manual of the vehicle your consciousness is riding around in for this lifetime. It’s based on astrology, chakras, the Kabbalah, I-Ching, genetics and neutrinos. It produces a chart that shows the blueprints of your potentials, gifts, skills, and your unique strategy for making correct decisions that lead you to fulfillment, satisfaction, peace, and joy. This incredibly accurate system reveals specific areas where you are likely holding onto conditioning from parents, society, etc, giving you the ability to release them by identifying them more clearly. Human Design also explains how you interact with others and how your energy/aura affects them. It also explains how the planetary transits affect you, giving you access to particular energies temporarily, sometimes triggering things in you, sometimes really helping you, depending on what you’re dealing with at the time.

What you get in a Human Design Reading with me

1. Empower your authentic self

A person can spend years in therapy trying to get a handle on who they really are, how others see them, and work out why things aren't working the way they want in their life. One foundational Human Design reading reveals all those hidden, unconscious attributes that everyone knows to be true of us, but we ourselves often don’t recognize. The most profound take-away from a reading is discovering your particular “strategy,” which is the way your vehicle is designed to make decisions. It’s never the way we were taught, by using our minds, which is just eye-opening in and of itself. That’s why some decisions don’t work out and lead to disaster in some cases (like some of mine in the past 😂). When you learn you particular strategy you can avoid committing your time, money, and energy to endeavors, jobs, and people that end up draining you of energy, making you wish you never said yes. You will start to make decisions that energize you, where you wake up excited for your day, feeling fulfilled and satisfied knowing you're on the path that's right for you! I give you a step by step strategy to guide you in bringing more love, success, creativity, and authenticity into your life,avoiding burnout, frustration, anger, resentment, and being taken advantage of in life.

2. Appreciate yourself by recognizing your skills and talents

You will also learn the particular skills and talents that are potentials to be accessed if you choose, as well as knowing how they play out in a lower, unevolved way. Sometimes the things we see as deficits are just hidden abilities that may (or may not) need a little development. Society has told us to be a certain way, and when we find it difficult to fit into that box, we can believe there's something wrong with us. This was life-changing for me when I learned that my tendency to be so critical of myself actually came from the energy of one my gates that’s supposed to be used to improve systems in society, not to criticize people or myself. It helped me release a lot of negativity and perfectionism and embrace my critical eye as a gift once I shifted to the higher version of that skill.

I think of all the activations in a Human Design chart as "geodes." A geode is a hollow rock that can look ugly and not special from the outside, but when someone takes the time to cut it open and polish it, there's beautiful crystals inside. So, each activation in your chart starts out as a nondescript rock; as you develop and evolve through life, you gradually learn to open them and discover the amazing gift it really holds for you. It can take many years to realize the gifts inside all your "geodes," but a Human Design reading will give you a peek inside them all, giving you a more positive perspective of yourself. You come away with greater appreciate and love for yourself.

3. Understand how energy moves in your body

You’ll also learn how each of your 9 energy centers operates, whether they’re defined (colored in) or undefined (white). This tells you why you have the amount of energy you do, whether it's a lot or not as much. You'll discover which parts of you are always constant and reliable, and which areas are meant to be flexible and experimental. This gives you insight to the conditioning you tend to collect and to be able to clear it out once you realize it’s not your stuff to worry about, that it’s from other people. This is so freeing!

4. Understand how your energy affects others

A reading will help you understand how your energy centers affect your interactions with others, whether they be a romantic partner, parents, kids, friends, business associates. You will better understand how others are affected by your energies, in both positive and seemingly negative ways. You'll have the power to bring more cooperation, love, happiness, peace, and satisfaction to all of your relationships.

5. Discover your life theme and destiny paths

With planetary information incorporated into your Human Design reading, you will know which specific activations are part of your life destiny path, which have to do with your communication, which ones refer your lessons and shadow side, how you're programmed to give and receive love, what you’re here to transform, and much more.

Going Deeper

6. The career you were designed for

Understanding your Human Design not only empowers you to live authentically, but also helps you align your career with your purpose and life theme. Many people are tired of working jobs that are draining just to pay the bills, often not making full use of their abilities, talents, and passions. Many career choices are made from a place of fear when you get right down to it, fear of leaving a stable job, fear of failing at something new, fear of starting a business, the list goes on and on. Life isn't meant to be that way! If you're living a life based on fear, you're not really living your authentic life. When you embrace your Human Design, you can move out the fear conditioning and open yourself up to the flow and abundance of living your unique design.

7. Empower your relationship with your partner or child

Having a Relationship Reading allows you to more fully appreciate your partner or child for their unique way of interfacing with life, expressing themselves, giving love, making decisions, and how the two of you support each other. It also reveals areas of friction that exist in every healthy relationship, helping you navigate these areas of growth and put them to best use for developing a deeper connection. The more you learn about the other person, the more you let go of any judgment, irritation, conflict, and criticism. This naturally melts away any blocks or disfunction for a smoother and more satisfying experience, bringing in abundant love.

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