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About Me

Image by Greg Rakozy

A former physics professor, I've come to realize there's more to life than what science can currently prove. After decades in the hustle culture, I knew this way of life wasn't working for me; I had developed several chronic illnesses, including fibromyalgia. I was able to completely transform my life and health by aligning with my authentic self and reprogramming my mind and attitude. Once I realized the dramatic effect I was achieving in my life with cutting edge research on the electromagnetic attributes and effects on the human body, I knew I could help many more people than I ever did teaching physics -- what's more important than loving your life and accomplishing what you're designed to do with satisfaction and joy?


I followed the trail that naturally led from physics and biology into realms that science is still struggling to understand, particularly how the human body is affected by subtler energies, such as biophotons, a form of extremely low frequency energy (also called Qi and prana) associated with the energy centers known as chakras. Beyond that there are other phenomena and energies that current instrumentation is not sensitive enough to detect and measure, but can be directed for healing nonetheless. I decided not to wait around for science to catch up to explaining these metaphysical principles that turned my life around. So many people are struggling and frustrated with life and need healing right now, which is why I got my degree and certification to help them transform their lives like I did. 


I resigned from my tenured position at the top of the physics department to launch my own business helping others get in tune with their authentic selves and live an empowered life. I now help people discover who they really are through the science of Human Design, which is akin to a manual for your unique personhood and life, revealing your unique potentials and talents that equip you to interface with life and manifest those things that truly bring you fulfillment and guiding you to avoid the things that don't. 


As my clients move from the homogenized societal expectations and ways of living, toward opening up their unique set of talents, sometimes there are firmly-entrenched limiting beliefs to overcome and heal. I assist this process through several metaphysical techniques for getting to the root cause of these issues, matched to the specific need to empower my client and keep them moving forward in their growth to bring more love, success, abundance, health, and enjoyment to their life.

Jan Moraski, B.Msc.

Certified Human Design Consultant

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner and Ordained Metaphysical Minister  

Certified Akashic Records Practitioner

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