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Let's Talk About Sex

I thought some of you would like to understand more about the gates and channels in Human Design that most strongly influence our sexuality. If you have no activations in these streams, there are other, more subtle ways of determining your sexual nature. [Note: this image is floating around on Facebook, and I was unable to source the originator for credit]

Many world societies are quite repressed in their sexuality. Although the US is not the most backward country in this area, there's definitely a lot of work to do to improve the health and functioning of the sacral chakra in the general populace. There’s often double-standards, rules, religious guilt and shame, and other controlling limiting beliefs surrounding the energies of the sacral center which is our life force, creative center. This second chakra is often atrophied in people who have strict rules and shame about their sexual nature. To me, it’s like being ashamed of wanting food when hungry, or wanting to breathe when your body tells you to oxygenate your cells.

I hope that you gain an appreciation for the many ways people need to express and experience sexuality. No ways are wrong, it’s just that there are many ways we can be designed. It’s about finding a match rather than judging others’ ways that differ from our own.

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