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Welcome to Empowered Living By Design!


I'm Jan and I've

transformed my life through Human Design and Metaphysics!

Now my mission is to help you do the same.

When you live your life in the flow of your Human Design, you will naturally...

Appreciate and love yourself more deeply

Begin living freely and authentically

Enjoy more harmony and fulfillment in your relationships


Experience more abundant love


Overcome limiting beliefs holding you back in life


Attract new opportunities for success in your career


Feel more satisfaction, recognition, peace, direction, and empowerment to handle all aspects of your life


Why Human Design?

Your Human Design chart is a tool for navigating the decisions, activities, opportunities, and energies in your life. Your chart reveals the pathways to achieving ease and flow in all areas of your life. 

It's like the captain of a ship having a map of the water currents to navigate the vessel within the invisible shipping channel. Instead of fighting against the currents and crashing into rocks, the captain follows the flow of the channel.


How can I start using Human Design to navigate my life?

It starts with your decisions. Everything in your life is a reflection of the decisions you have made, both big and small.

We've all made decisions that haven't worked out the way we hoped, as well as successful decisions that have resulted in feelings of satisfaction, peace, empowerment, and the like. Wouldn't it be great to take the guesswork out of decision-making?

Human Design reveals your specific process for making successful decisions every time, giving you confidence to move forward. The place to begin your transformation with Human Design is learning about and using your specific Strategy for making successful decisions. 

When you consistently follow your Strategy for navigating your daily thoughts and activities, your life will naturally improve in many unexpected ways.


I'm ready to understand myself! 

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Are you being called to go deeper?

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If you want to book an exploration call at a time not available on Jan's schedule, contact her directly here. 

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