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Akashic Records Sessions - Pay What You Can

Image by Greg Rakozy

What happens during a session:

The Akashic Records is one of several names for the vibrational plane that holds all the memories, thoughts, and emotions for every life we've ever lived and will live. The Records allows for deep healing for issues that may be rooted earlier in life, or even a past life.


Often we struggle to move forward in our lives, feeling "stuck." Being stuck can present as fears, phobias, health problems, relationship issues, career difficulties, feelings of unworthiness, purposelessness, or being unfulfilled, just to name a few. 


An Akashic Records reading session can help heal the root cause of any problem you're facing in life. This is not about getting predictions for the future, or satisfying your curiosity about past lives, but rather a powerful tool for moving energy to help you move through issues you're having trouble solving. Within the Akashic Records you will receive guidance as to the reason for your issue, so you can understand and accept it, which releases the stuck energy and removing the block. You must be ready to hear the truth and be willing to give up judgments you may be holding about yourself or others.


Each Akashic Records session will provide an opportunity for healing to take place. Typically clients experience such a powerful shift that they choose to have additional sessions to work on other areas in their lives, especially for issues that take more than one session to heal.


During your session, I'll open your Records and we will have a conversation about the issue you want to work on. Then I'll tune in to the truth brought forward from the wisdom of your Akashic Records. A typical session lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. 

Examples of problems that can be healed through the Records include, but are not limited to, patterns of thinking that hold you back (coming from yourself or family, ancestors), relationship difficulties of any kind (including with people who have passed on), lack of abundance, anything you wish to overcome or improve about yourself, phobias, difficult emotions like fear, anger, disgust, judgment, hatred, jealousy, shame, guilt, or unforgiveness toward yourself or others. The Akashic Records can help any problem you're facing if you're willing to the hear the truth and want to heal. 

How payment works:

I've decided to try a flexible payment option to reach as many people as possible, even if they can't afford my full rate. I will offer this as long as it makes sense for me to do so. My hope is that enough clients will pay the higher rates close to my full rate that it will offset the lesser amounts paid by those who cannot afford to pay full price for a session. Because this is an experiment, I cannot guarantee how long this offer will last, as I have material needs to be met as well. 

You will not pay anything before your session. After your session, I'll send you an email with a link asking for payment. You will use the honor system to determine how much you will pay, if anything. I do not want anyone to hesitate to book a session because they know they can't afford to pay very much; I want everyone to have access to this healing :)

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