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What Clients Say

Image by Greg Rakozy

New York City, NY, USA

We have all heard the maxim "Know Thyself" by Socrates. I believe we all know ourselves, but -- do we know WHY we are ourselves? There is a relief in recognizing the essence of ourselves in a bodygraph interpreted by Jan. We can see how our essence is distilled and how there is a specific interplay and what we can do to better influence our desired outcomes. This is yet another tool in the toolkit.

It's truly confirmatory! Have you ever met with a friend that seems to unwittingly validate your existence? That friend is Jan, interpreting your bodygraph. Except, she's initially a stranger but she knows more about you than you do. As a slight cynic, I'm always slightly skeptical of feedback I receive from my fellow beings having a human experience. Most people approach things with subjective bias, agendas, projections, protections, power struggles -- ad infinitum, ad nauseum So do I truly trust their advice? Apart from my immediate family who is soul contracted (and often still "gets it wrong"), no! A bodygraph is 100% objective. Cold hard facts -- this is not reading tea leaves. It's illuminating and helps quiet the contrarian within. Combined with Jan's knowledge and experience, it's really a sigh of relief and a reality check.

Tania B.
Melbourne, Australia

A Human Design Reading with Rev. Jan is perfect for those starting out on their Human Design journey/experiment and for those that consider themselves to be spiritual, especially Manifesting Generators. You will receive your chart along with a helpful written introductory report ahead of a detailed and in-depth discussion via Zoom. Topics covered include Type, Strategy & Authority, Profile, the Centers and all the defined Gates and Channels in your chart. Rev. Jan was very thorough and generous with her time. As a former educator, her skill to impart knowledge and bring to life this incredible system was extremely helpful. I valued the opportunity to record the session so that I can revisit the reading again and again, along with the opportunity to ask follow up questions via email. I also valued and appreciated receiving bonus information about the themes related to my upcoming Chiron return.

As a Manifesting Generator, it was interesting to learn that I need to enter into new commitments slowly in order to give myself the ability to course correct if needed. This was news to me after almost three years of learning about Human Design.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Hannah C.

If you were drawn to Jan, it was for a reason! I had stumbled upon human design after learning about the Enneagram and several other complimentary life/personality analysis programs, had paid for my more detailed chart and tried researching all of the details on my own... but I wasn't figuring out how everything "fit together." I came across Jan's information from a random comment on a website that I don't go to very often while looking for the answer to a human design question, and I knew I needed expert help if I was really going to understand how to work with my design. After working with her for several sessions, I understand my design and my strengths so much better, and I have been able to start working with my chart rather than against it more easily. Again, however you came across Jan's website, whether it was from randomly stumbling upon it like me or if you were referred to her by someone else, it is absolutely worth it to explore further and learn why the universe brought you to her.

Jennifer v R. 
The Netherlands

As an emotional Manifestor with a very open design, I had some questions about my purpose in life and how to translate this into ways of helping other people flow in life. Jan gave me clear insights into my lifework theme, and that waiting for clarity is essential for me to go in the right direction. Jan's background in physics, combined with her knowledge of Human Design and metaphysics, gave me many valuable insights about myself. And some tools to experience all the hidden gifts that I have. Sometimes you need another person to "confirm" what you already know so you can fully appreciate who you are. So thank you, Jan, for sharing your deep intuitive knowledge with me!

Image by Greg Rakozy

Guin W. 
Santa Fe, NM, USA

What you'll gain from coaching with Jan far outweighs any doubts I had going in. She provides a safe space to heal as well as the expertise and intuitive insight to rediscover the neglected parts of myself that need my attention and intention. Her approach is warm and conversational yet completely professional, and our time together was often just like having an illuminating chat with a trusted friend. the work we did together totally unleveled my spiritual growth!

I've definitely learned techniques and concepts that I'll be referring to forever.

Sydney, Australia

My sessions with Rev. Jan were therapeutic to say the least. She revealed to me character traits that I should be proud of, tendencies that I should be aware of, and most importantly how to make decisions in an aligned way. I've moved forward with ease after working with Jan, and I'm thankful for her explanations of my Human Design chart. I often refer to her guidance when making decisions big or small and I am glad I was able to work with her and her bountiful energy.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Kendra B.
New Jersey, USA

Get a booking with Jan on your calendar! There are so many readers to choose from it can be overwhelming and hard to know who to pick, and Jan is definitely the one to go with. She goes beyond just spitting the information out at you and takes the time to get to know you, have an active dialogue, and give you opportunities to ask all the questions you want to ensure you walk out better understanding yourself. She's very knowledgeable, thorough, caring and personable. When I'm ready to more steps forward Jan will be the person I book an appointment with.

Finding basic information about Human Design is really easy and there are a lot of great resources to get you started. However, HD is so incredibly layered and having someone to help guide you to a deeper understanding will help unlock new insights about yourself. For instance, I knew I had an Emotional Authority but I had no idea there were even different types of Emotional Authority and when Jan explained mine to me it made even more sense than the explanations I'd been able to find for free.

The more I understand my design, the more at peace I am with myself and the people around me, leading me to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I came out of my session with Jan so much more confident in who I am and how I'm supposed to operate in and interact with the world. I've been slowly working towards making a big change in my life and she helped me reframe one of the issues I'm facing in making that change. I'm now looking at the situation in a whole new light which is enabling me to problem-solve more creatively so I can get to the life I want to lead even faster.

Erica M.
Sunshine Coast, Australia

Spending time talking through the details of your human design with Rev Jan will give you incredible insights and new ways of understanding yourself, how your design interacts and impacts others, and most importantly how to make choices that serve your higher purpose.

What sets Rev Jan apart is her previous background as a Physics Professor; once I heard the story of her own journey to arriving at using tools like Human Design to understand the world and connection to divine being I felt much more assured that applying the teachings really could have meaningful impact on the course of my life.

Rev Jan is very approachable, relatable and I felt a great sense of rapport with her right away. She was so easy to talk with, and I felt she genuinely enjoyed the process of sharing the information with me and delving into the various tangents we went on as I asked questions or began to share my learnings and revelations with her.

I have a stronger relationship with my own inner authority, and understand how to make decisions that are right for me, and will open me up to the banquet of life available to me as a Manifesting Generator. I have gained a deeper understanding of my gates and channels, and feel a greater sense of acceptance of myself and the way I impact others when I am living at my highest frequency.

Image by Greg Rakozy
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