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Get answers for life's questions!

Empowered Living By Design

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How many of these sound like you?

You want to learn how to live an authentic and empowered life, but don’t know where to start, or which questions to ask.

You're not familiar with Human Design and how it reveals the blueprint for an empowered and satisfying life, but you feel something resonating with you and want to learn about your unique design directly from a qualified teacher who makes it easy to understand.

You’re looking for specific, down-to-Earth lessons on how to make the life changes you desire.

You want a qualified teacher to “translate” your chart in the context of your daily life.

You want an intuitive teacher to move with you in the moment, to answer whatever questions you have about your Human Design chart.

You have questions on how a particular difficulty relates to your Human Design, and how best to work with your design to make a desired change or transformation in your life. 

You know about Human Design or had a Human Design reading and want to learn how to transform your life to embrace the fullest potentials of your design.

You’re a coach, healer, light-worker, or empath who feels “stuck” and wants assistance in getting the energy to flow more easily for you and your clients.

“[Jan] provides a safe place to heal as well as the expertise and intuitive insight to rediscover the neglected parts of myself that need my attention and intention.



- Guin W., Santa Fe, New Mexico

You've been struggling with something for a while. You’re tired of just spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere. You just want to be done with it. You’re ready to transform it into a new way of being.

What would your life be like if you had personal access to a teacher with the experience to see how all the parts of your Human Design work together? 

Imagine taking 1:1 lessons designed to answer your specific questions and help you achieve your desired results!


Custom Sessions!

Ask your Human Design question. 

Maybe you want to learn about your design in a systematic way that shows you how the parts fit together to make a capable design. Or maybe you’re feeling things shifting inside you, that you’re going through a transformation in your life and you want to learn how to use Human Design to empower yourself to make changes that support being your authentic self. Or maybe you want to learn how your partner, child, friend, or boss is designed to make decisions and operate in life, and how your design interacts with theirs. Maybe you want to learn what your specific business talents and skills are so you can match your work to fit them for maximum energy flow and success. Whatever it is, ask me.

Your Custom Course is created.

Your Custom Course is designed to answer all your questions and teach you to achieve the outcome you want with the level of structure that’s comfortable for you. 

Connect with your teacher online.

You and I meet one-on-one via Zoom for one hour every 1-2 weeks until complete. You control the pace. Custom Sessions are conducted in a conversational style with plenty of opportunity to ask all your questions. There’s no commitment to finish your Custom Course and you may stop at any time; you may freely add sessions to continue going deeper, for healing, or to explore other areas of interest as they arise. You don’t need to have a plan - just a starting point. 

Custom Session


What's special about working with me

I’m Jan Moraski! Here’s a few things my Human Design reveals about how I interface with my clients.

What I do

I guide highly-motivated individuals through life’s dark tunnels by shining light on who they really are so they are empowered to transform their lives.

How I deliver results

I reveal my client’s authentic self, catalyzing empowering and transformative epiphanies. 

Why clients choose me

I deliver profound insights that shift my client’s entire perspective, so they can transform their old ways of going through life.

Jan will give you incredible insights and new ways of understanding yourself, how your design interacts and impacts others, and most importantly, how to make choices that serve your higher purpose.



- Erica M., Sunshine Coast, Australia

I’m now looking at the situation in a whole new light which is enabling me to problem-solve more creatively so I can get to the life I want to lead even faster.



- Kendra B., New Jersey

Education, experience, training, and certifications

Former college physics professor with 24 years’ experience teaching, mentoring, and designing courses.

Bachelor of Metaphysics (B.Msc.)

Human Design Training and Certification Courses

Akashic Records Advanced Practitioner Certification

Certified Metaphysical Practitioner

As a former educator, her skill to impart knowledge and bring to life this incredible [Human Design] system was extremely helpful.


- Tania B., Melbourne, Australia

Jan’s background in physics combined with her knowledge of Human Design and metaphysics, gave me many valuable insights about myself, and some tools to experience all the hidden gifts that I have.


- Jennifer v R., The Netherlands

How many Custom Sessions will I need?

It depends on several factors, such as what your particular goal is, and the natural pace of work. Although some Custom Courses are brief, a good rule of thumb is to expect at least 3 sessions. Many clients choose to have sessions for about 2-6 months, with some becoming longer-term, regular clients for deeper learning and transformation.

How do I pay for my Custom Sessions?

It’s easy with no commitment! Just purchase and schedule sessions as desired, either singly or in multiple-session packs. Most world currencies are accepted.

What technology do I need to connect to and record my Custom Sessions on Zoom?

You can easily connect to your session with your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. You can record your sessions to your laptop or desktop; Zoom does not currently offer recording to a phone or tablet, so be sure to connect to your session with the computer onto which you plan to record.


If you’ve never used Zoom on your device, you’ll first be prompted to click a button to download the Zoom app to your phone, tablet, or computer when you click the Zoom meeting link. Then you will be able to connect to your session. 

What if I have questions about Custom Sessions?

For additional time slots and other questions, please email me:

Imagine having your own personal teacher answering all your questions on how to handle your life situations in ways that bring your desired outcomes…

How much better would your life be if you were in a state of flow, rather than feeling stuck?

If you were drawn to Jan, it was for a reason! …it is absolutely worth it to explore further and learn why the universe brought you to her.


- Hannah C.

Custom Session


Explore coaching with me for deeper transformation!

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