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Human Design and Freedom From Self-Criticism

I used to go through life thinking there were many things wrong with me. I compared myself to others, criticizing myself when I had trouble keeping up with a stressful career, and feeling like a victim to several chronic illnesses I had collected over the decades.

After discovering Human Design, I realized that there was never anything wrong with my abilities or personality — I just wasn’t taking advantage of my unique way of operating and navigating life! It was a no-brainer for me to dive more deeply into what my Human Design chart could reveal.

One major lesson I learned was that within my design there is an activation called New Beginnings, which makes me pretty good at starting new things and inspiring other to make their own new starts. The problem? I saw my half-finished projects as a deficit on my part. Why couldn’t I finish everything I started? The short answer is: I’m not supposed to! Other people have activations in their charts that allow them to easily and necessarily complete things, but that’s not my specific attribute or purpose.

Being able to let go of my judgement of this part of my self was so freeing! The more I learned about my chart, the more I appreciated my design and didn’t feel the need to be some other way, like I had most of my life.

What I love about Human design is that there are no "good" or "bad" designs; it's how you choose to live out your design that determines how satisfying and fulfilling your live will be.

Every feature of a person’s chart can either be operated at low frequency (from a place of fear, anger, hatred) or higher frequency (love, appreciation, compassion).

All of us tend to be conditioned from various sources, such as societal norms, parents, and those we are close to. We can take on aspects of other peoples’ designs that do not serve us and prevent our own designs from being fully realized. Human Design adeptly shows the specific ways a person is likely to be conditioned so that awareness can start the process of reconditioning and living an authentic life.

Embracing my Human Design has enabled me to more quickly “shed” some of the lies of conditioning I had believed for so long. It’s like finally getting permission to truly live as myself, even if it means losing some people in my life who may not agree. This is the way humans are evolving, toward a society comprised of unique individuals, each like a puzzle piece that fits into the larger picture. No one else has the same personal Human Design chart that you have; no one else can fill that role in society. We all have our special part to play and we are all needed for the greater whole. You arrived in this lifetime for a reason.

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