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A Chat About Nikola Tesla's Human Design

Nikola Tesla has always been a fascinating person to me, first learning of his inventions in my training as a physicist, with my appreciation of him growing as I learned more about him over my 24 years of teaching physics. I became aware of his view of reality and was particularly drawn to his quote,

If you wish to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.

Meditating on that quote opened me up to a whole new world which took me out of my academic, scientific materialism mindset and inspired me to soak up spiritual wisdom and teachings. Those teachings, including Human Design system and Metaphysics, transformed my life so dramatically and filled me with satisfaction, calm, and confidence to overcome whatever challenge comes my way. I knew I was here to help others break out of the limiting beliefs that hold us back in life. I realized that my successful career as a tenured college physics professor was not putting to best use my unique set of attributes, so I left it for a calling to help others with difficult situations in their lives and to help them evolve spiritually, which is in alignment with my Human Design life theme.

Getting back to Nikola Tesla, starting with the basics, his design is a triple-split manifesting generator with emotional authority, a rather complex design. He catalyzed things to happen throughout his life without necessarily knowing it. He had continuous access to life-force energy through the defined (colored in) sacral center, with the generator part of his design. The triple-split means that would have experienced difficulty integrating his three completely different views of any situation in his life, specifically through his emotional voices and actions, through his ego and willpower, and by instinctive intuition; to fully integrate and make sense of the triple view of information his body receives on every situation, he would have needed to have been in the presence of more than one other person, most likely, due to the entire channel of separation between all connected areas of his chart. From what I know of Tesla's life, he was generally a loner, making this challenging for him.

His design has a 3/5 profile, meaning he was an experimenter in life who learned quickly by trial and error, was accident-prone, and was a born director or teacher who likely felt an obligation to save others in his life without regard to his own health.

With the channel of Cycles (42-53), he had the ability to quickly re-invent himself each time a distinct cycle in his life came to a close, moving his laboratory and operations multiple times. The Shaman channel (25-51) put him in touch with the connection between the material and spiritual worlds, where the motivations for his inventions and vision were about serving humanity and providing free wireless energy.

Undoubtedly one of the reasons Tesla was such a unique individual is due to the large proportion of activation in his Individual Knowing circuit, including the channel of Openness (12-22) as well as gates 23, 39, and 57. This would be part of the reason he was described as being ”odd,” a term used in those days to describe someone who didn’t conform to the uniform of society.

Tesla’s conscious Pluto was in gate 27 line 4. That suggests he was here to reinvent some process of giving and receiving in order to serve the masses. I see this as part of his motivation to build his towers to pump free wireless energy into the atmosphere for anyone to use freely. He was a visionary hundreds of years ahead of his time, and even still so. He envisioned a world where energy is free, rather than the financially-driven society in which we currently live.

He may have been driven by a fear of the future and the fear of change, which pressured him to find the constant in his reality. He was very spiritual and saw no separation between the physical realm and the esoteric; he realized that the same laws that govern the physical world of electricity and motors also control the other dimensions, planes of existence, and forms of energy and matter that academic science has yet to discover, let alone understand. Quantum physics has revealed that, indeed, energy, frequency, and vibration are fundamental in our understanding of the universe.

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