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Ready to start making the best decisions of your life - and create the life you want? 

Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions is a quick workshop and reference resource bundle that delivers the Successful Decision-Making Strategy that's right for you. Life is a reflection of the decisions you make. Get the life you want by making Successful Decisions today.


Stop using your mind to make decisions! Seriously, it doesn't work well for anyone, despite most of us being taught this method.  (Has it worked reliably for you? 🤔)  

Learn your Successful Decision-Making Strategy today! Try Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions! 🙌

Now only $47!

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Do any of these sound like you...?

  • You struggle with making decisions in your life, especially major ones.

  • You're tired of feeling "stuck" in life and wish there was an easy way to make decisions for the results you want.

  • You wish your life came with an owner's manual.

  • Your current method of making decisions is not leading to satisfaction, fulfillment, or joy in your life.

  • Maybe you avoid making decisions and just let life happen to you, leaving you less than impressed.

  • Other self-help books or programs didn't work for you with their one-size-fits-all approach.

  • You've heard of Human Design and are looking for an easy resource to quickly start revealing what your Human Design chart has to say about you, your friends, and your family.  


Making decisions with confidence, instead of being stressed out with the "project" of struggling through what to do each time you arrive at a decision point big or small...

No longer avoiding making decisions, or procrastinating and feeling the weight of that decision hanging on you...

Having a reliable step-by-step decision-making process that works with your unique Human Design to bring you more love, success, and fulfillment of purpose...

Taking control of your life with the confidence of being able to make the best decisions for yourself...

Actively creating the life you want to live, instead of putting up with whatever shows up based on poor decisions...

Living your authentic life, fulfilling your purpose, and establishing your legacy...

All of these are possible with Human Design Made Easy! That's why I'm so excited to bring this product to you!


You really can start unpacking that life-transforming information contained in your Human Design in less than an hour! I want you to have access to living your best life, and it all starts with the Successful Decision-Making Strategy that matches your design.


Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions is for everyone because everyone needs to make decisions! Your specific step-by-step Successful Decision-Making Strategy (that's a mouthful!) is determined by your Human Design chart (instructions on how to get your free chart online are included); it doesn't get more customized than that!

Get started with
Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions 

Now only $47!

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 3.42.33 PM.png

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

So... why
Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions?
And what even is Human Design?

Hi, I'm Jan Moraski!

I'm a Human Design Consultant, Metaphysical Practitioner, and former college physics professor with 24 years' experience teaching and developing courses.

Human Design is a deep and vast science that combines ancient wisdom with modern genetics and quantum physics to illuminate the inner workings of your body, mind, and spirit. Each person has a design that is neither good nor bad; understanding your design allows you to streamline your life.


The most important piece to learn in Human Design is your successful decision-making strategy. Your life is a reflection of the decisions you make, so changing your decisions changes your life. Simple logic.




Learning about my design had several profound effects on my life. The first thing I did was immediately implement what I now call my "successful decision-making strategy."


As soon as I started making every decision, big or small using my strategy, I noticed an immediate increase of ease and flow in handling common tasks and major decisions. It took less energy and anxiety. I immediately felt confident in making decisions of all kinds for myself; this is big for me because I had always struggled with indecisiveness and even avoided making decisions when I felt overwhelmed.


After changing the way I made decisions and seeing results that seemed magical (saving me a lot of money, time, energy, and self-esteem as well as bringing me peace, satisfaction, improved relationships, joy, feelings of purpose and meaning), I felt empowered to build the life I want through the decisions I make. I could finally understand why past decisions sometimes didn't work out so well. It all made sense!


In addition, I started to appreciate not only who I am, but also who I'm not designed to be. That gave me instant relief, realizing that the same things I felt were inadequacies were actually just not part of my design! My design (and everyone's design) is functional, complete, and works in its unique way, unlike anyone else's. I can have a look at my design, like reading the owner's manual for my particular, custom-made vehicle, by reading my Human Design chart.

Human Design transformed my life and opened me up to a life I used to only dream about. I was able to move through limiting beliefs I had about myself and activate the hidden gifts and abilities shown in my Human Design chart. I learned how to live in the way Human Design shows me will best get me the results I desire in every aspect of my life, including love life, relationships of every kind, finances, business success, living authentically and on my purpose. I no longer felt afraid of making the wrong decision or worn out from overthinking it in my head.

When you improve yourself, your light shines out to everyone else; you become an inspiration for others. Part of my life's mission is to bring the empowerment of Human Design to your life, so the world becomes a more uplifted place for everyone.

When I first discovered Human Design, it resonated so strongly with me that I wanted to learn everything my chart could tell me about myself. I searched the internet for resources to help me read my own chart, but my hopes were quickly dashed when I found very little out there for someone in my position. It turns out Human Design is not something you can just fully learn in a weekend, much like many other subjects that careers are based on. 


I realized that if I really wanted to read my own Human Design chart, I would either need to have a professional Human Design reading or to do some deep reading and take courses to learn the basics of my chart. 


This was ok for me, as I quickly realized I wanted to go into Human Design as a career. I happily sunk my time, energy, and money into training myself, but I realized not everyone is willing to spend so much to understand their own charts. 


I asked myself how I could make Human Design more accessible to those who want the biggest impact from their chart without spending a lot of resources to get it. That's where my decades of teaching experience kicked in and now you have this access through Human Design Made Easy!


Now you can transform yourself quickly by learning to make successful decisions! Do you want to keep struggling against the current and swirling around at the edges going nowhere and feeling stuck? Or would you rather move through life with flow, ease, fulfillment, and satisfaction?  

What is Human Design?
How Human Design has improved my life:
Why I created
Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions

Here's what you get with
Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions

  • 3 Decision Trees to determine your Successful Decision-Making Strategy, as well as other features of your Human Design called Type and Authority.

  • ___-page guidebook (downloadable PDF) that contains...

    • clear, step-by-step examples for using each Decision Tree​

    • all the Human Design background information you need to be able to use the Decision Trees with any Human Design chart

    • a worksheet template for organizing the information that applies to your design or that of your friends, family, employees, or other group

    • Self-Test to check your ability to determine anyone's Successful Decision-Making Strategy from their Human Design chart

    • Answers to the Self-Test with explanations 

  • ___ video lessons totaling ___hours/minutes​

  • A fun learning platform

  • Email support directly from me



Get your digital copy of Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions




Check your inbox for your login info so you can get started right away!


Follow the Guidebook to determine your Successful Decision-Making Strategy.


Start making Successful Decisions and watch your life transform!

Human Design Made Easy: Successful Decisions 
Now only $47!

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 3.42.33 PM.png

Lock in this low price today. The price will be going up soon!

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