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Welcome to Empowered Living By Design

I'm Jan and I’ve transformed my life through Human Design and Metaphysics!

Now my mission is to help you do the same.

Empowered Living By Design Logo  | Human Design Reading Specailist
Image by Greg Rakozy

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Begin your transformation today with your FREE Human Design Chart and Report!

By understanding and implementing your unique design you will...

  • Experience deeper love in your life

  • Break free from limiting beliefs

  • Enjoy more satisfaction in your relationships

  • Live authentically with peace, direction, and satisfaction

  • Align your career with your hidden talents and abilities

  • Learn to love and appreciate yourself even more


Ready to embrace your design more fully? Get your Comprehensive Human Design Report today!

Comprehensive Human Design Report
  • Discover how you are designed to relate with others 

  • Learn how you are designed to make clear, empowering choices in life

  • Engage with your particular way of using energy in your body, relationships, and work

  • Appreciate how you respond to pressure, how your mind operates, how you experience emotions and your identity, how you access will power, and more!

  • Unlock your specific gifts and energetic channels for streamlined success, more satisfying relationships, and greater fulfillment and joy 

Start incorporating your design into your daily life today with this detailed report for just $35! (Makes a great gift, too!)

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